puppy technology

My name's Ellen Dash. You may also know me as duckie or pup. I'm a photographer, musician, writer, and software developer, among other things.


I run a publication, Inatri, which has articles like:

Other Writing

I run a website called Duckie Talks Computers where I discuss computer history, computer fundamentals, and software.

I also write for Trains Gender and Nonbinary Expression, a series of tales of trans trains.


My software projects include:

Photography and Drawings

You can find my photography and drawings (including macrophotography and pixel art) on DeviantArt. I'm also the primary photographer for Dis/assemble Me, a blog dedicated to disassembling the world and arraying it on a nice background.


I've released five albums, all of which are available on Bandcamp.

Some of my music is also available on:


My day job is working on how_is at Ruby Together. If you like it, please consider donating to them!

The rest of my work is funded via Patreon and PayPal ([email protected]). If you like my work, please consider donating!