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An Open Letter to Humanity

I openly discuss things which many people are afraid to discuss publicly. These include being transgender, drug abuse, eating disorders, and being a victim of domestic abuse.

I do not do this because it is safe. I do this because I want to let those who are scared to discuss it know that they are not alone. I want them to know that, yes, others dealing with these things do exist. That there are people they can trust. That if they decide they do wish to reach out publicly, in spite of the dangers of doing so, then they will be received with something other than pure hatred.

I do it in spite of my fear; in spite of the hateful remarks; in spite of the harassment; in spite of people claiming that I should not even exist; in spite of people who claim I have destroyed the very concept of humanity; in spite of being told to kill myself; in spite of people threatening to rape me; in spite of somebody who had only talked to me online finding my address and showing up at my front door; in spite of having multiple stalkers because of discussing these things; in spite of the innumerable other dangers; in spite of the frequent harm to my own well being. I do it in the hope that one day it will be safe for other people.

I do it because it is unsafe, and I refuse to let it stay that way.

As such, if you are going to respond to my discussions of this sort by denying a problem exists, claiming it is exaggerated, telling me to “suck it up,” offering advice that only works for highly-privileged groups, or other things of that sort, then I have exactly one thing to say to you:

Shut the fuck up, and leave me be.